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24k Magic for 2017

I’m sorry that it’s taken so long…from the moment I listened to this album from start to finish as it was intended to be heard I’ve wanted to share it with the world. Every time I’ve heard a song in the last month or so I’ve kept saying to myself, I need to let those people know. Who are those people? Those people are the ones that I’ve been speaking to about music over the last year or so who tell me that they really struggle with new music and that they just love the old school hits?

And for someone who loves exploring new music, creating new soundtracks for new experiences in my life I’ve been trying to analyse why this must be. The obvious answer is that some music is just really good and withstands the test of time, the hits, the classics will always be… generation after generation we’ll look back at those songs that just move us or get us toe-tapping every time we hear them. But if you scratch a layer lower I figured out it’s about identity… it’s about the time when we were figuring out who we were either in our teens or through university and as we went through those trying times these songs which connected to us and got us through those times, or helped us connect with someone else or as in most cases became anthems for those epic nights, it’s understandable why you don’t want to let go of them… and I’m not asking you to let go, I just needed you to hear this album because it’s got everything that you need from nostalgia of the 80s/90s across soul funk and r&b, it’s timeless and it crosses decades of music.

Those that know me, know how much of a huge Bruno Mars fan I am and a recent book I’m reading  (Steal Like An Artist) encourages one to share and promote the things you love to help others experience what you feel. If you’ve never heard a Bruno Mars song then I don’t know where you’ve been, but this album doesn’t work in isolation…you need to understand the many faces of Bruno Mars to understand this album. Up until now he’s got the love covered – Just The Way You Are, Talking To The Moon & Count On Me, Locked Out of Heaven are some of the most solid love hits across the last 4 albums, he’s got the sex covered with Gorilla, Uptown Funk and the many naughty lines in his songs, he has this cool yet bonkers sense of humour that comes across in Lazy Song, Runaway Baby and he can cut into your broken heart with When I was Your Man, Liquor Store Blues, If I knew and Grenade. He does all of this with the most incredible vocals and production. Watching over the years you can see how he understands every note with the expertise of people like Rahat Ali Khan.


This hit maker has created an album with the best of all of the above…9 solid songs, no mid album songs that go to waste, 33 minutes with no collaborations, no features just Bruno and the production on Shampoo, Press & Curl (not The Smeezingtons this time) and Bruno vocally at the top and bottom (using his whole vocal ability) of his game.

When you think about the purpose of an album and the ability to take the listener on a journey this album epitomises how to get through the most amount of emotions in the least amount of track. 24k Magic is the party piece. Slated for it’s lack of hook, is why I think many may have left this album early thinking it’s not going to be a Bruno Mars special. And in all honesty it took me a few listens to get my head around it.

From 24k Magic to Chunky is the most random leap but shows the confidence and almost arrogance of Mars that he doesn’t need an album that all sounds the same so that fans recognise his ‘sound’ and injects humour into the album.

My favourite track on the album is the tribute to James Brown, Perm. It’s with this song that you realise how talented this little guy really is and how versatile he can be. Re-working funk for a new generation and taking everyone else back to those funky times all at the same time makes him an artist for many generations.

That’s What I Like, Versace On The Floor, Straight Up and Down are the slow jams, the club vibes and the baby making songs on this album. You can hear so many R&B artists from Marvin Gaye through to Usher, R Kelly, Silk, LL Cool J, all delivered by one guy.

Finesse starts with the rat-a-tat-tat ‘Poison’ esq snares that transform you to another time. I listened back to Mowtownphilly – Boyz II Men and the whole of that album sits in this one song, with a splash of Dru Hill. The chorus hook is one that will live with you through the day – I’m warning you.

And just when you think you’ve gone a whole album without the heartbreak song you get Time To Say Goodbye which speaks to a broken hearted man we’ve heard so many times from Mars with the harmonies that encapsulate all of the Jackson 5.

If you get the chance to listen to this 33 mins uninterrupted I would encourage you to do it.. you will find something soul moving somewhere in there, you’ll find something that takes you to a time and remind you of who you are, who you wanted to be and remind you that even though it’s easy to hold on to THAT you, you can make a new you and have the music to support it.

I’m so excited to be seeing Bruno Mars for the 3rd time this April to hear this album live alongside some of his other classics (If you can still get tickets try! If you wonder how people get tickets in the craziness that is buying concert tickets, sign up to the newsletters of the artists that you love and you’ll get pre-sales notifications which will give you the option to buy tickets a few days before everyone else)

For those that need reminding how incredible this guy is I’ve put links to a couple of live lounges that show off how amazing he is, how he’s the music he makes and that just made me smile.

2016 – BBC 1 Live Lounge – watch all the way until the end.. Adele’s All I Ask is a true showcase of brilliance (written by Bruno Mars) –

2012 – BBc1 Live Lounge – The Little Mermaid is so much fun –

Also many don’t know that Bruno Mars has written and produced so many hits that we know and love…see how many of these you knew…

Bruno Mars Carpool Karoke – this is just pure class!

Happy listening, please let me know what you love about this album and why…



A Prince is born

img_6969So today’s my 34th birthday and as with most years, having a birthday close to New Year’s always makes me reflect on the last year and make plans for the year ahead. 2016 was a huge year for me and with a couple of requests to do another blog entry I thought sharing my views on becoming a father would be a good idea.

Reflecting back with Daisy, 2010 was the year we married and laid the platform for our growth. A huge life changing year where we celebrated love and family, made commitments to each other to be above average and to strive for awesomeness in everything we do.dscn2570

2013 then became the next huge milestone in our journey, a life defining trip to Asia gave us the head space to dream and ask difficult questions about our future. We committed to make a change and within 3 weeks we had new jobs, a new flat and found ourselves in the greatest city in the world.

It seems we’re in a 3 year cycle as 2016 proved to be the next new height we’d reach – overcoming some practical milestones such as buying a  house (which as many of you know is a stressful, unfair and soul destroying activity in the best of cases). This house is a place we can call home and build memories.

Alongside the practical, fortune allowed us to travel to a beautiful destination wedding, followed by some quality baby growing time in Sri Lanka, my father-in-law’s 60th took us on a once in a lifetime family holiday to Greece and work took me to Atlanta, India, Dubai and Barcelona allowing me to build on 2015’s progress.

Throughout all of the above was this ticking time bomb that we’d prayed for and were blessed with at the beginning of the year…a jelly bean, a baby, the first grandchild and the extension to our family.

Our little Jelly Bean

I’ve always loved kids and people have always told me that you don’t fully understand how life changing it is until you go through it yourself. I was fortunate enough to be 7 and 10 when my younger brothers were born so I remember both practically and emotionally what it was like having a new born in the family but when it’s your own, created by you, it’s truly magical if not mind-blowing that this being can come from nothing.

From speaking to many fathers it’s clear that everyone connects to their baby at different times. For me it was at the first scan where we saw, what I lovingly call our Jelly Bean, waving at us on the screen (that’s what it looked like to us), letting us know that it’s here, that it’s active and that our lives have changed. It was a bit surreal and talking a lot helped, seeing Daisy fight through the first trimester also made it real that change is in the air. I didn’t feel qualified to call myself a father/dad yet but I did feel the cloud of responsibility come in overhead.

We live in a very different generation to even our parents, only 30 years ago, going through a pregnancy. The information available to us is both overwhelming and invaluable. Both of us read ‘What to expect’ and ‘A dad’s survival guide’. Like TripAdvisor reviews you’ll read 8 views in favour of one idea and then hear 2 completely in the other direction. We took in all the information and made our own judgments on how we felt and what we felt was best. Inevitably the first time around as parent you have to re-look at choices but we never took what we read as gospel.20160619_160214

The thing I found fascinating is that even though in pregnancy every woman is different every baby develops at the same speed. We’d warmly watch the weekly development video every Saturday morning to see how our little one was developing and it was amazing how spot on the descriptions were to how we were feeling and what was going on.

The pregnancy was so giving to us both, Daisy really warmed to it and as we got through the initial sickness we really glowed through it. Tracking the size of the baby against fruits and veg allowed our friends and family to really relate to the development and brought us all closer in the excitement of the imminent arrival.

Our Indian baby shower

There’s an online survey that you can do called Baby Hunch which allowed friends and family to guess the sex, weight, eye colour, hair colour etc of our baby which was a really fun thing to do with everyone and even though it was me that won I feel like it showed how much love existed for this little being before it even arrived.  (You’re probably wondering why I keep referring to the baby as it, but if you didn’t clock on it’s because we didn’t find out the sex until he was born. If you or anyone else is in this predicament to find out or not my simple advice is DON’T FIND OUT… it’s an amazing surprise and all the gender specific things can be done once they come in the world.)

Travelling whilst pregnant gave us really special bonding time, allowing the two of us to do the things we love, being in the sun but also focusing on the little one. As the bump grew, the connection and reality grew stronger. My fondest memories are of sitting on the sofa with Daisy, singing to the bump and seeing this left foot kick out and react to my voice.

Serious thought alert! – I really struggle to understand how anyone can terminate a baby. I understand the argument of circumstance or disability, I personally wouldn’t make those choices but when there are so many people praying to be blessed with a baby when those who do get the chance to have one and make a choice of their lifestyle over life I really struggle to comprehend that choice.

Anyway, alongside the books, videos, speaking to friends and family and trying to get our parents to think back to when they had us, the biggest support which gave us the most value was the NCT antenatal classes…I was conscious that there were times I’d speak to friends or work colleagues about the baby and you’ll notice because it’s so high on your radar it’s all you talk about and every conversation comes back to babies. Even if I spoke to someone who has children the emotions and the tiny details that I was cherishing didn’t seem that interesting because they’d lived it and actually they’d survived it.img_7890

So going to a place where like-minded parents-to-be, who all live in a couple mile radius with due dates only days apart, allowed us to whole-heatedly share concerns, ask those silly questions and prepare for what to expect. We have met some lovely people and formed  strong bonds through this course. Our instructor was great and even though you have to pay for these classes you should see it as investment into your child. The hospital run classes in my opinion are too high level, too quick to run over important stages, over crowded and not personal to you. This class prepared us for what turned out to be a very challenging 12 hours of labour and without that knowledge, preparation and confidence of what to expect and do the outcome may have been different.


One piece of advice I did get however that I will pass on is ‘to cherish every moment’. This was the resounding advice I got from every parent I spoke to. Some told me how they didn’t really pay that much attention at first and how they missed many small moments, others told me that it’s never the same again as when you have a second child you never get the same time or attention because of the first child needing you. Because I heard it so much made more of an effort to be present at every step, take pictures, videos and to keep all the little things (keep safe box, write emails to the baby to capture moments and feelings that are so easy to forget as time goes on and sleep deprivation eats your brain!)

Saturday September 3rd 2016 – 12:43 pm – is a time that will stay with me forever. Many have asked me how I felt at that moment and over time trying to articulate that feeling I realised that what I felt was ‘instant love’. I know it sounds obvious, of course I’d love my new born son but what caught me by surprise was just how much love I felt the very first time I saw his tiny face.


Through your younger years you fall in and out of love in search of ‘the one’ and then you find the one, fall so deeply in love, where every touch of the hand causes butterflies to stir within and as you go through those experiences you rise in love with every step and adventure taken. You get married and turn those flirting, exploring emotions into romance and never look back. Then you have a baby and suddenly all those emotions come flowing back, you second guess yourself, are you allowed to love so openly, so excitedly for something other than your partner? You look up and see that your partner is doing exactly the same, both of you so immersed in new love where every noise, smile, poo, causes so much joy and it happens instantly.

img_6960What also caught us by surprise is how little sleep you get with a new born. I wasn’t expecting to get 7 or 8 hours like before but 5 or 6 would have been ok. For the first 2 weeks we were practically up the whole time taking 2 hour power naps and not only trying to keep this little person alive but also not cause any damage to ourselves. It’s relentless and unforgiving. As the sleeps got longer and I went back to work I started to see how much you can actually function on with 5 to 6 hours of sleep. It seems it takes us a long time to realise in our lives that we can do a lot more with our day and going through this sleep deprivation exercise has given me a new found perspective on capacity and how much I can get done in a day.

As well as getting extra hours in the day I’ve found this new capacity to do things beyond my imagination. One thing no one tells you is when you become a dad you get with it a new motivation and energy to do things for your child, for example his nursery has a weird configuration and storage was proving a bit challenging so I built a wardrobe from scratch which I’d never done before and never knew how to do. Something inside of me found a way to solve the problem and get it done. I believe this was the first of many things I’ll do for him.

Time is a funny thing, on one hand so much has happened as you can see from the above, all that happened in 365 days, we went from being 2 to 3 in that time frame which feels like a long time and on the other hand Daisy and I are getting back to doing the things we like when we were two already, Friday night date nights (once he’s gone to sleep), travelling, watching our favourite shows, cooking together etc which shows that you can have a child and get back to you quite quickly.

Having a baby is a life changing experience and so far as a new dad I’m loving every step of the way. I don’t want him to grow up but I also want him to develop through his phases, it’s truly bitter sweet.

The next few months and years will be a real adventure!

A proud dad!

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Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…

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Happy New Year!

It seems as though the frequency of my blog posts are on a yearly cycle. I have all the best intentions to update regularly and even though I put ideas aside it just doesn’t seem to happen any sooner. Maybe it’s because around this time of year I feel truly reflective and want to capture the essence of what I’m feeling and going through, not only for myself but more recently for those around me who are encouraging me to be the best that I can be or those that need a little inspiration to do something different for themselves.

One year ago… I started a new adventure.

Some would say, call a spade a spade and say you started a new job but I deliberately call this an adventure because for the first time in maybe my whole career the hard work doesn’t tire me, the creativity isn’t forced, the people are my kind of people and this ‘job’ has shown me more of the world and given me more opportunity to be a marketeer than anything before. I also know myself… I know that if I call what I do ‘a job’ then it’s easy to fall into the trap of disliking it and sitting around with people and complaining about it. No one ever complained about an adventure and eventually a job will finish, an adventure still has may paths to discover, and as some of you who follow me closely know this last year has definitely been  a journey.

How sure are you about making the right choice?

I made a choice to not pursue a career with a global ‘fruit based’ company for a company I’d not heard of before. On paper I should have gone to this other company for a couple of years and after that be able to walk into any company I want!  Many, including my current bosses told me that I should take this opportunity and I myself at first didn’t know which way to turn.

Over time in these emotional and life changing moments and decisions I’ve become better at getting to the ‘right’ choice for me. I ask myself key questions which put emotion on the back burner and allow myself to think logically….

Where am I today?

What’s important to me?

What are the things in my lifestyle and personal life that I want to keep and what am I happy to change?

In this new company what is it that would work for me, what is my compromise?

Where do I want to be in the short future, mid-future (3 Years) and long term?

What are the little things that matter to me that may seem odd to others but really make a difference to me?

All the above written down on paper (which is a must) allow me to view my world and my choice on one page  and look at it like a jigsaw puzzle. Then once you’ve decided on the key things that are important and that you need you can pump all your emotion back in to getting that. This focus is the key driver to committing to a purpose.  You wont know what the ‘right’ choice is until you review all the choices, debate with yourself about what you truly want and then you’ll know what the ‘right choice; is.

You may say there is no right choice and I’d agree to some extent but We are our choices and when we do something that we believe in, that drives our journey and we decide this is what we want then when you look back on it a year later you know it was the Right Choice for YOU!

By making the choice based on my planning, vision of a life for me and my family, I went with the company I didn’t know because I reviewed everything they had to offer, matched it against my goals and I have never looked back since.

Concrete Jungles Where Dreams Are Made Of!

I recently tried to update my LinkedIn page with all the cool things I’ve done in my first year at The GSMA and the list was too long. To say I’ve delivered more projects in one year across the world than I have in the last 5 years of my career wouldn’t be a miscalculation. In summary here are my key highlights:

  • Delivering a brand awareness campaign in my first 6 weeks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to 94,000 people.
  • Hosting Global Service Providers such as Unilever, Coco-Cola, Visa at a Summit in Dubai – Twice!
  • Creating over 15 creative videos for use across the industry.
  • Mobile World Congress Shanghai
  • Project managing 9 events in 3 days from scratch in Times Square – New York City – the first time the company has done anything like that
  • Barcelona Photoshoot for a new global brand campaign that will be used this year in Mobile World Congres and beyond.
  • Being invited to Sync Week – the top 100 people in the company

And this is just the huge milestones….

When I look back at what I’ve achieved this year I ask myself how and why this happened? Am I just lucky?

I believe you make your own luck, I choose to do certain things that allow me to stand out and define myself (big or small) and as a result you find people and opportunities come your way.

What are those things? Well a couple of examples are:

being consistent – are you saying something but then your actions do something else?

Being a team player – are you thinking about others? Are you present at social events? When you get a biscuit for you are you picking one up for them?

Being supportive – do those around you not only in your team at work but also those in your personal life know what they mean to you and that you are there to support them? Don’t assume they know.

Pick your battles – you can’t do everything all the time so choose what is most effective, what is adding to your overall goal and when is the most effective time to do something. If you know there is a challenge in your team and people are stressed about something then maybe this is not the best time to tell them about your holiday or the project you just finished.

Being positive – think about your language. Are you using ‘No’ a lot? Before you press send re-read your email. Could you phrase it better? In a more positive manner?

By doing small things all the time people see you as reliable, dependable and someone they want on their team. This way opportunities you never had though about come your way.

In Shanghai a friend and mentor of mine (who is also one of my directors) said ‘you’re doing great work and now you need to define yourself. You need to find that ‘thing’ that people will remember you for.’

At that time the New York project was just an idea. I saw it as an opportunity to make that my ‘thing’ so I set myself a target to deliver this whole project in 3 months. I dreamt and visualised every step, every experience that someone would go though and as a result delivered a very successful week. By being focused, know what the end goal is those around me were drawn in, wanted to share that dream and collectively we delivered something quite special. This is now my ‘Thing’.

It was a dream at first that I’d be globe-trotting and doing marketing and events in places like New York and in the last year it became a reality. I guess in cities like London, New York and Shanghai it’s easy to dream a bit bigger.

Dare to dream and be a better version of yourself everyday wholeheartedly and you’ll be amazed at where you get to.

A Pocket Full Of Dreams…

One of the experiences I had this year was a good example of how, over time, I’ve been incorporating my personal life into my work and visa versa.  We spend a lot of time at work and if we can make it enjoyable then the days go quicker and you have more fun along the way.

The Company CMO challenged us at a marketing away day to be ‘the best marketeers’ in the industry and to push the boundaries of our imagination.

I needed to think of innovative ways to start a keynote session in Barcelona as a lot of people use PowerPoint slides, music or videos and we needed something different.

One of the things I do daily on the way to work is watch a TED video ( and Sarah Kay is my favourite spoken word poet. I woke one morning thinking how amazing would it be if I got Sarah to open our session. So I tracked down her agent and found out if it was possible. Availability and budget became an issue and the idea was put on the back burner whilst I went to New York.

In the brief to the agent I showed him my vision and my reason. If you share your goals you’ll find that others will go out of their way to help you achieve them. In the background this agent was looking through this clients and other people he knew to try and find me someone.  When I got back to London he sent me details of Marshall D Jones and within 30 seconds of watching his performance is knew he was a better choice than Sarah for this project.

By allowing me to blend my two world’s I will be able to bring something new and that will allow me to define myself better and also do something extremely fun in writing the spoken word poem.

Who’s your soundboard?

It’s really important that once you make your mind up about something you share it. In the past I’ve been so sure about something and as soon as I go to implement it I chicken out or it doesn’t go to plan because it was in my head and I hadn’t considered all the angles.

Not only surround yourself with positive and influential people but soundboard your ideas at different times with different people.

Annually – I meet up with friends and look back and then talk about the future and input suggestions or ideas.

Quarterly – I very fortunate to have a life coach who mentors me though my journey so we talk often.  Remember that our parents have always been our life coaches so go to them first.

Monthly – having made key connections with peers and directors I occasionally go for lunch or a coffee with people and talk abouy what’s going on see how they would approch it and input good ideas

Weekly – if your religious or spiritual I find talking to the universe or God really helps you put things out but also embed them within

Daily – my best friend and wife is the most important person in my life and therefore has my best interests at heart. This advice and support is extreme valuable. Also remember that in a partnership you have to consider both journeys and if your not sharing your vision they can not help you.

And finally…probably until next year

This year has shown me that if you plan, dream big and surround yourself with good people you can grow, develop and find yourself in situations that you’d never expect yourself to be in and have a lot of fun along the way.

Happy new year and happy new journey.

Remember  – I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou


I Can, I Will, Now Is My Time – The Power of Words

So recently I’ve been going through a lot of personal development and coaching and with the support of a great mentor and a belief in a bigger universal force I’ve been exposed to some pretty amazing experiences. 

I’ve always known that being positive is a much greater place to be than being negative and this was confirmed to me with evidence and science last year in a three day coaching course I was on and various other events since. The power that our inner voices have over our lives and the choices we make but also the perspective of situations and the outcome of our days is actually quite frightful.

As I’ve become more aware of my language and the way people interact it’s actually pretty amazing how we don’t help ourselves by using terms that subconsciously affect our RAS – Inner voice. Through positivity my drive has heightened and as a result I’ve come across experiences almost everyday whether it’s meeting a person, seeing a video, hearing a song, reading a chapter in a book or just things from the past that have now decided it’s time to re-appear. These experiences are being driven by the universe leading me to learn and support those around me with this great new learning and understanding that communication with others is key but with yourself is fundamentally important. 

To list all the experiences would be to self-indulgent and would make this blog very long which I’ve promised not to do but I did want to share a couple of videos that highlight the power of words. If you start your day off with an affirmation, a statement of gratitude or a positive thought every morning you’ll see a change in your day, week and view on life. I’ve done first hand and have people around me who I’ve got to do it see the benefits of it. 

This week, probably because as a Marketer i’m always thinking of straplines, I happen to say, on route home after meeting a personal coach who happen to throw some great perspectives on my life, I Can, I Will, Now is my time! That very day I shared it with friends and it had an immediate impact on them and me. Then the following morning I watched and shared the below video which randomly I came across which talks about how she CAN and WILL. The beauty of this video is the amazing use of words and the delivery. Since this video I’m now a huge fan of Sarah Kay.

TED – Sarah Kay

I hope you enjoy that video as much as I did. On the flip side I saw another video that I found hilarious but also very eye opening as to the fact we take language for granted. The below video talks about how we really can used different words to describe what’s happening rather than one generic word. 


So the point really is to share some videos but also to encourage you all to use positive words as much as you can for yourself and to those around you as it will enhance your life and also make sure you say it how it is with specific words rather then generic noise. 

Til next time…

Happy Reading!








My filmi week

Lights, Camera, Action!

So, every now and then, like buses, things happen in quick succession in my life. Historically, it’s things like not seeing friends for a while then seeing them three times in a week or not going to a certain part of London then having to go there twice in a week. Well, a couple of weeks back through a chain of events I ended up having quite a ‘filmi’ week.

With not much planned, I was set for a week of work and home and not much else in between. Then Tuesday afternoon I get a call from Daisy, ‘Do you wanna go see the new Transformers film in the Disney cinema, this evening?’. Having missed the last couple of opportunities due to work commitments I wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to get inside Disney head office and watch this film in an exclusive theatre. I wrapped up and headed to Hammersmith. Once through security I got shown around the offices of Disney and they are everything you’d expect and more. Floor to ceiling posters from the films, teddies, action figures on every desk and walls, Disney soundtracks being played in the lifts, it was like a Disney Museum.

We then went into a very comfortable, intimate cinema room with a huge screen. The film was action packed with dinosaurs and robots and after two hours forty it was quite exhausting. Because of the size of the screen and intimacy of the room size the 3D effects we so impactful and powerful. I’ve been inspired for the future cinema room in our house!

The following day, still buzzing from my Disney experience I got a message asking to meet some friends at BFI (British Film Institute) at Southbank. With the sun blazing I didn’t need many excuses to agree. Samir, friend and reason why I have done so much British Asian performing arts in my life, met in the bar where 10 years earlier we had first met when we were promoting Aamir Khan’s film Lagaan with a nationwide book launch.

He told me he was there to see Farhan Akhtar, famous Bollywood actor and director. I thought he meant in some arty film but he actually meant in person at the London Asian Film Festival Q&A session, and he had spare tickets for us to join if we wanted. Even though I don’t rant about Farhan Akhtar like I do with other celebs, he has a always been closely linked with my life. After Dil Chahta Hai, his first film, I openly confessed my crush on Preity Zinta to the world. The remake of Don with my hero Shah Rukh Khan, became not only a great film but the theme song was the song I walked into my wedding with and most recently, Zindagi Na Milege Dobara, will be a constant reminder of our trip to Tomatina.

Not only did we get to see this very funny, humble, creative and successful actor, producer, director talk about his incredible life, supported by some great stories and clips from those films, we did it from the second row, meters away from him. Having moved to London we have had less time to watch long Bollywood films but he reminded me why I love Bollywood so much and made me vow to watch more.

If Tuesday and Wednesday weren’t film packed enough I still had a 60th Birthday party to attend on Saturday which had an Amitabh Bachchan and his leading ladies theme. My uncle whos party it was is a huge Bachchan fan, and this theme was a really good idea rather than a generic Bollywood theme. After lots of research I realised unlike others it would be difficult for me to look like the great man so Daisy and I picked a famous film, Naseeb and decided to go as Hema Malini and Johnny. I may have cheated and bought a mask but it ended up being the talk of the night with lots of pictures being photo bombed with the mask. It was great to see how others perceive and interpret Bollywood and bring it life. It’s amazing how people reacted when I had the mask on, imagining I was him and dancing with me like I was him, I can’t imagine what the actual Bachchan would have to go through every day.

Considering I wasn’t planning on doing much that week I ended up having a great week of experiences which reminded me why I love films and especially those Bollywood ones. I look forward to the next experiences the universe decides to send my way.

Happy Reading!


Below are a couple of pics from that week..







Love Tech? You’ll Love this Tech Beat

So part of what I’m involved in is keeping those around me up-to-date with the latest tech movers and shakers. Each month we publish a online newsletter. Here is the latest one.

If you like this kind of thing. Set up your own Scoop at  Easy and fun to do!

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World Cup Wonders

So this year’s World Cup has been one of the few that I will remember. As a passive football fan it’s normally only International matches such at the World Cup that I really get involved in watching and follow.

It’s pretty obvious to say that even though I didn’t support England whole heartedly because of their poor performance, early exit and the fact I had Argentina in the sweepstake, I was hoping for a Brazil win in their home country.

The last World Cup I really remember is Italia 90 which was based on raw emotions and each match had an excitement about it. The fact that this final and that final has the same teams is merely coincidence.

The reason I will remember this is because of the hype around it, the great football but mainly the pain we all endured in Brazil’s humiliating defeat. We don’t need to re-discuss the hundreds of comments made about that sad day where we all saw our mate get repeatedly punched in the face by the school bully but it reminded me of the power of Football and the emotions involved in it.

So as the players take the pitch I ‘Wonder’ who will win this year, we’ll talk about it tomorrow and in most cases it will be forgotten on Tuesday as it’s not England but this world cup will be one that I remember for a long time. Also, if I win the sweepstake it’ll be the first win I’ve had on a competition where I’ve put money on it!

Come on Argentina! (Random I know)!

Happy Watching!



A Year! REALLY has it been that long?

I’m back…With a new found love to share all the great experiences and  thoughts I’m having and going through, to hopefully introduce you to something new,  provoke some ideas and raise some questions. 

Last time I wrote a post was over a year ago which is a reflection of how many things both Daisy (my wife) and I have been through.  We’ve moved city, houses twice, new jobs,  touched three continents, met some very influential people and experienced lots of new food,  drink and fun places to go.

I have a draft of a blog that I started to write through our trip to India but have been unable to complete it. It’s actually more of a book than a short story,  so I’m drawing a line under it and starting again with short sharp posts which I can write on my half hour trips into work.

I look forward to some great online engagement with my friends.

Happy Reading!

(I’m now at peace with signing of with just my initial! Plus life’s moving quickly these days! )

Are you watching TED?

One of my favorite things to do when I get a spare 10 minutes, waiting for someone or just when I need some inspiration is to head over to or launch the app on my Ipad or Iphone and watch one of the amazing TED talks, which always feature some of the world’s most amazing minds giving “the talk of their lives.” I’ve watched more of these videos than I can even remember, but one things they always are is amazing, mind-blowing, fascinating and inspirational.

I was fist introduced to TED in 2009 from an email chain that was going around. It was the most amazing concept that I’d seen at that time and it still stays with me today as a great conversation topic but also seeing the potential of only 4 years ago coming to life in some modern gadgets. Check it out here – TED TALK – Sixth Sense Technology

After that I’ve been hooked and have watched video after video of great thought leaders. Hopefully I will be able to attend a conference live in the near future and who knows even present at one. The thing I love the most is the fact they are given only a short period of time, sometimes as short as 3 minutes to give the talk of their lives. There are so many to watch but this link has the most watched TED Talks which is a great starting point with the likes of Steve Jobs and Stephen Hawking. Most Watched TED Talks

Get it on your Ipad too it’s great to watch on train.

Some of you may already know about TED but this is for those who don’t and need it in their lives.


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