So after years of loving brands, working in marketing and having worked on a variety of campaigns I thought I’d start a blog to not only archive the things I find, see and love but to also share them. As well as my love of brands, marketing I have a love for technology. Almost every other day I come across a fact, video, picture or thought that literally blows my mind. We’re living in a world of speedy evolution with a million options, a million views and staying on top of that, capturing it all can be tough, so sometimes hearing it (or reading it) from someone you know makes it a bit easier.

So enjoy my blog – share like and feedback… it’s how we grow….

Happy Reading!

The first picture below is where I am right now. Marketing Manager at a company called Citibase who provide serviced office space to start-ups and SME’s. It’s a lot of fun with a lot of areas to get involved in. I’ll share some of my activities with you in the near future. Image