I’m back…With a new found love to share all the great experiences and  thoughts I’m having and going through, to hopefully introduce you to something new,  provoke some ideas and raise some questions. 

Last time I wrote a post was over a year ago which is a reflection of how many things both Daisy (my wife) and I have been through.  We’ve moved city, houses twice, new jobs,  touched three continents, met some very influential people and experienced lots of new food,  drink and fun places to go.

I have a draft of a blog that I started to write through our trip to India but have been unable to complete it. It’s actually more of a book than a short story,  so I’m drawing a line under it and starting again with short sharp posts which I can write on my half hour trips into work.

I look forward to some great online engagement with my friends.

Happy Reading!

(I’m now at peace with signing of with just my initial! Plus life’s moving quickly these days! )