So this year’s World Cup has been one of the few that I will remember. As a passive football fan it’s normally only International matches such at the World Cup that I really get involved in watching and follow.

It’s pretty obvious to say that even though I didn’t support England whole heartedly because of their poor performance, early exit and the fact I had Argentina in the sweepstake, I was hoping for a Brazil win in their home country.

The last World Cup I really remember is Italia 90 which was based on raw emotions and each match had an excitement about it. The fact that this final and that final has the same teams is merely coincidence.

The reason I will remember this is because of the hype around it, the great football but mainly the pain we all endured in Brazil’s humiliating defeat. We don’t need to re-discuss the hundreds of comments made about that sad day where we all saw our mate get repeatedly punched in the face by the school bully but it reminded me of the power of Football and the emotions involved in it.

So as the players take the pitch I ‘Wonder’ who will win this year, we’ll talk about it tomorrow and in most cases it will be forgotten on Tuesday as it’s not England but this world cup will be one that I remember for a long time. Also, if I win the sweepstake it’ll be the first win I’ve had on a competition where I’ve put money on it!

Come on Argentina! (Random I know)!

Happy Watching!