So recently I’ve been going through a lot of personal development and coaching and with the support of a great mentor and a belief in a bigger universal force I’ve been exposed to some pretty amazing experiences. 

I’ve always known that being positive is a much greater place to be than being negative and this was confirmed to me with evidence and science last year in a three day coaching course I was on and various other events since. The power that our inner voices have over our lives and the choices we make but also the perspective of situations and the outcome of our days is actually quite frightful.

As I’ve become more aware of my language and the way people interact it’s actually pretty amazing how we don’t help ourselves by using terms that subconsciously affect our RAS – Inner voice. Through positivity my drive has heightened and as a result I’ve come across experiences almost everyday whether it’s meeting a person, seeing a video, hearing a song, reading a chapter in a book or just things from the past that have now decided it’s time to re-appear. These experiences are being driven by the universe leading me to learn and support those around me with this great new learning and understanding that communication with others is key but with yourself is fundamentally important. 

To list all the experiences would be to self-indulgent and would make this blog very long which I’ve promised not to do but I did want to share a couple of videos that highlight the power of words. If you start your day off with an affirmation, a statement of gratitude or a positive thought every morning you’ll see a change in your day, week and view on life. I’ve done first hand and have people around me who I’ve got to do it see the benefits of it. 

This week, probably because as a Marketer i’m always thinking of straplines, I happen to say, on route home after meeting a personal coach who happen to throw some great perspectives on my life, I Can, I Will, Now is my time! That very day I shared it with friends and it had an immediate impact on them and me. Then the following morning I watched and shared the below video which randomly I came across which talks about how she CAN and WILL. The beauty of this video is the amazing use of words and the delivery. Since this video I’m now a huge fan of Sarah Kay.

TED – Sarah Kay

I hope you enjoy that video as much as I did. On the flip side I saw another video that I found hilarious but also very eye opening as to the fact we take language for granted. The below video talks about how we really can used different words to describe what’s happening rather than one generic word. 


So the point really is to share some videos but also to encourage you all to use positive words as much as you can for yourself and to those around you as it will enhance your life and also make sure you say it how it is with specific words rather then generic noise. 

Til next time…

Happy Reading!